Healthcare as a sector has been under considerable flux recently and players are increasingly trying to adopt various new models to cut costs and increase efficiency. Asset-light models are being looked at as a viable alternative in Asia and many conventional players are looking to re-invent their business models to accommodate these changes. Add to this the emergence of allied business models to keep up with changing consumer needs.The emergence of Daycare as a viable business or the increasing awareness of stem cell storage and the concomitant rise of stem cell banks are just some of the new models in vogue today.

The rise in medical insurance cover in emerging economies has led to the growth of new players who service the consumer at various points in the value chain. One segment that deserves special attention is the TPA segment for health insurance that has grown by leaps and bounds in the previous decade. pharmaceutical players in these economies are slowly moving away from their conventional mainstay of generics and aggressively investing in R&D. New models are being explored by pharma players to drive efficiency and result orientation in the R&D space.

All these factors have made it mandatory for healthcare firms to look for a breed of dynamic leaders who will be able to lead their organizations through these changing times. The dearth of a sufficient talent pool of proven healthcare management professionals has urged organizations to look at adjacent industries for people with the required skill sets. Our deep domain expertise and industry-wide network uniquely positions us to identify and recruit healthcare professionals with a proven track record of thriving in dynamic environments and leveraging changing industry dynamics to propel business growth.