We have been working with leaders, advisors and senior executives across industry and functional areas and have gained significant insights around a variety of issues pertaining to building leadership teams and associated challenges. The ever-changing business scenario and industry landscape is creating a new set of challenges and increasingly new innovative methods are being adopted to address these issues. We, at Longhouse, have a deep-seated understanding of these trends and the challenges that emerge with them. Our experience and understanding of these issues are shared through a variety of publications.

Journey from ‘Brick to Click’

Anuj Roy, Longhouse Consulting

Businesses need Internet savvy leaders with strong instinct and a strategic viewpoint to lead change.

Do people follow structure or does structure follow people?

Anuj Roy, Longhouse Consulting

Do people define strategy or does the strategy dictate organizational recruitments?

To retain or not to retain

Sridhar Murthy, Longhouse Consulting

Recruitment consultancies could be the answer to the issue of hiring effective leadership.

Scarcity of Talent : Hire from Adjacent Industry

Anuj Roy, Longhouse Consulting

Placement from adjacent industries is a viable solution to recruiting experienced talent.


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