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Longhouse at Tech Sparks 2012


The third edition of’s flagship event, Tech Sparks was held in Bangalore. Longhouse was the talent partner for this event. More than 800 start-ups from diverse sectors had participated in the competition to become a Tech Spark. The eminent jury comprising of investors, successful entrepreneurs and industry professionals identified 30 most promising start-ups for the prestigious title of Tech Spark.

The Tech Sparks 2012 Grand Finale had the theme “The Smartest Way to Scale Up” and the entire debate revolved around it. The panel explored several issues which emerge in the Indian context as firms scale up. The tradeoff between entrepreneurial innovation and setting up processes to monitor people which become necessary as organizations grow up was widely debated by the panel with many in the audience relating their experience of handling this conundrum.

Speaking at the event Anuj Roy, Partner at Longhouse highlighted some of the key talent related challenges faced by firms in the process of scaling up. Quoting a recent HBR survey about the most pressing concerns of global CEOs, Anuj stressed the importance of getting the right talent along with other factors such as Technology and Innovation for a firm’s growth. He then went on to delineate some of the key issues faced in the process of building robust leadership teams for emerging sector companies.

Anuj shared his insights on talent challenges which emerge with scaling up a business including the one about choosing between proven leaders and potential performers which led to a stimulating discussion in the panel with active participation from the audience.

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