Executive Search

Longhouse is a specialist in executive talent search and management Our executive search process starts with an in-depth research to gain a thorough understanding of the strategic goals of our clients, competencies required to achieve these goals, specific leadership roles envisaged, and proper fitment of the candidate in the organizational culture.

Advisory Services

Besides top-level talent needs, companies face a wide range of talent acquisition challenges, from managing talent processes, technologies, and strategies. Our advisory services like succession planning, talent mapping, perception surveys, and research are key elements in attracting the right talent and preparing the organization for future challenges.

Board Services

Boards are the cornerstone of an organization. The expectations placed on Boards by various stakeholders cannot be undermined, more so in today's dynamic business environment. At Longhouse , we help set up independent board of directors who understand business dynamics and can provide proper direction.

Compensation Benchmarking

Though senior executives look at a new role in a holistic manner, compensation forms an integral part of the whole package. A well designed compensation package plays a crucial role in attracting the right people and enhance the brand value of the organization. We offer services in compensation design and study industry trends to our clients

Impact Stories