The technology sector has been on the path of rapid growth for quite some time now. Innovations from all quarters are translated into end user expectations, and realignment of relationships between players has become a norm. Paradigm shifts have been brought about at regular intervals by game changing innovations that have totally redefined the industry landscape. Players have to constantly be on their toes to develop new business and delivery models as well as reinvent existing ones to leverage new innovations in technology and keep up with rapidly-morphing customer expectations.

Some decades ago this sector used to be the sole monopoly of developed economies but in the past few decades emerging economies have been able to break through this barrier, driven largely by innovative business and delivery models with a deep focus on cutting down costs and increasing delivery efficiencies. Countries like India initially focused on the services sector to leverage its competitive advantage in skilled labor costs followed by a stage when large global players began setting up shop in these economies driven by huge cost advantages. Over the years the focus has gradually shifted from services to products and now there are a significant number of product companies in these economies.

We at Longhouse have considerable domain expertise in this space driven by our long history of partnering with organizations in various stages of growth and maturity in this sector. Our domain consultants are keenly aware of the kind of DNA that goes into the making of a successful technology leader be it for a large services major or for a small product company.